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Comments by peter on 22 2006 at 20:59 IP Logged
we share your greef in this difficult times.

Comments by Shawn on 22 2006 at 20:43 IP Logged
Dear Ron,
I saw you on CNN and I would like to first extend my condolences to you and all the victims families of terror attacks in Israel.
As a Persian-American Jew, I denounce my birthplace, Tehran, for promoting such hatred towards Israelis and for backing these terrorist organizations.
Keep on coming onto CNN and serve as the voice of the people of Northern Israel, and all Israelis.
May G-D give you peace,
United States

Comments by Marco on 22 2006 at 20:26 IP Logged
I have just saw you Ron on CNN and then I have visited the web site dedicated to your daughter Tal. I cried like a baby. I cannot add words to ease your and your family pain but I will always remember Tal.I will be also bearing in mind the courage and bravery of her Ima and Aba.
I cannot understand why some people in Europe can justify horror such as suicide bombing by labelling it as "act of resistance"!
I am not a Jew but I do support Israel and Israeli people with all my heart.

Comments by James on 22 2006 at 19:28 IP Logged
Dear Ron, I just saw you on CNN. I commend your bravery and commitment to your people and getting the message out. I wish you and your country the best, and I wish that one day we could all live without fear of terrorist attacks.
United States

Comments by Vegar on 22 2006 at 16:04 IP Logged
U'm sorry for your loss, and for the people dying from Israeli hands in Gaza and Lebanon

Comments by Rahul Oze on 22 2006 at 09:02 IP Logged

Dear Kehrmanns:
I happened to read about your article on bbc site. I offer my deepest condolences to your family on your daughter's sad & brutal death. As a fellow human being and more so as a 'Bahai', I can deeply feel the frustration that you must have undergone during such a harrowing time. 'Baha'u'llah' has so rightly said that: The Earth is but one Country and all people its' citizens. When will the human race understand this simple yet powerfull message of God? Will we keep on killing each other just in name of few acres of land, which as also does not belong to us?? Where are all the religious heads of the World? If they boast of being God's messengers, why don't they vouch for HIS commands openly?May God grant peace to Tal

Comments by Shirene Said on 04 2006 at 15:43 IP Logged
Dear Tal & Ron,
My name is Shirene Said, I got the chance to met you Ron in Haifa were you shared your story about the loss of Tal. It was hard for me to hear your story but it is a meesage that needs to be heard. Tal is so fortunate to have a father like you Ron. I say have because you are still her father even if she is not physically with us here on earth, her spirit is always with you and your family. She must be so proud to see your dedication to get this message across. Tal has touched my life forever and the lives of many other people as well. May god bless your family and thank you for sharing Tal's life with the world.
United States

Comments by Nonie Darwish on 30 2006 at 00:35 IP Logged
To Tal,
I never met you even though I wish I had. Your smile reflects a beautiful soul that brings a smile to everyone that sees your picture. Tal, I have come from the other side of Israel's border, the side that hurt you and hurt your family and all of humanity. I want to tell you, your family and to Israel that I am deeply sorry for the behavior of the culture I was born in. They are blind with hatred, arrogant and not only destroying others, but also destroying themselves. It is sad. May God show them the right way... and may God give your family the strength and blessing they deserve to continue with the mission of standing up for the victims of terror and the great State of Israel.
United States

Comments by Behar Family on 01 2006 at 03:15 IP Logged

Comments by Stef on 20 2006 at 00:40 IP Logged
I also heard about this website in memory of Tal when the One Family Fund came to my school.A man who lost his son in the same suicide bombing spoke to us and the whole school was silent from shock. Seeing pictures of Tal does make it more real. I am really sorry to hear about all of these losses, but I hope this website continues to be a source of chizuk for everyone in honour of Tal's memory.

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