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Comments by Joy on 21 2008 at 23:00 IP Logged
Hello Ron I was thinking of you and Tal today and just wanted to say hello and let you know I often think of Tal and your family.
United States

Comments by Sophie on 21 2008 at 21:58 IP Logged
Hello my name is Sophie and i'm belgian. I'm sorry for Tal because i'm sure she was a nice girl.I'm always sad for the victims of terror.

Comments by Cody Erlick on 02 2008 at 04:07 IP Logged
Hi my name is Cody erlick. i go to the Toronto Heschel School and this story really touched me and Tal would be very happy that a lot of people care for her.

Comments by avi shell on 18 2008 at 03:58 IP Logged
Dear ron,
I haerd about tal and i want to let you know tal will always be alive just in a different way. we will remember her as if she was living in a different country. Ron your daughter will be in my memorie even if i don't know her. i will tell everyone who i know to go on this site and light a candle.
Avi Shell

Comments by jonah kahansky on 18 2008 at 03:39 IP Logged

my name is jonah kahansky. i go to the Toronto heschel school in Toronto. last week we had someone come in and talk to us. he told us about tal's story. i was touched by it. i am very sorry. tal's memory will live on forever.
jonah kahansky

Comments by Zach Zittell on 15 2008 at 14:24 IP Logged
Hi, my name is Zach. Yesterday we had a presentation at my school on the one family found, and we heard the story about your daughter. I am very sorry. But I just want you to know that the memory of Tal will live on forever.
Zach Zittell.

Comments by Jordan and Jared W. on 14 2008 at 23:15 IP Logged
Today at my school we had a presentation and I heard about your daughter. I am very sorry and I want to let you know that Tal's memory will be kept alive by the many people who hear her story.

Comments by Shane Spring on 14 2008 at 16:33 IP Logged
We are thinking of you and your family. Here with a grade 7 class @ the Toronto Heschel School. Your story and Tal's continues to be shared and inspire.

Comments by Dale on 11 2008 at 00:14 IP Logged
Although I never met you, I have come to know you over the years through your father. Through your pictures and the memories that have been shared, I know that you were a wonderful person who was loved very much by many people. Your father's love for you will never perish, and you will always be remembered.
United States

Comments by Michelle, Sharon, Itai & Yoram on 05 2008 at 06:46 IP Logged

Tal, you are ALWAYS in our heart.
We will NEVER Forget and we will NEVER Forgive...

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