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"Following the camel" - camel trip

Tal really liked camels.
In July 2003, about four months after Tal's death, her classmates initiated a camel trip in her memory. And so at the end of July, about 40 people (Tal's family, her friends and Daniela - her teacher) went to the desert for two days. On the second day of the trip, everyone rode camels (and donkeys) to  "Gordi hill"- where a ceremony was held in her memory. Since then several more trips have been held in her memory.

Sticker "Tal's smile does not wither"
Tal's parents, with the help of the "Tiltan" College of Graphic Design, Haifa, produced a sticker that combines Tal's smile and her love for camels. The camel that appears on the sticker was drawn by Tal in her diary

(In Hebrew it is a combination of competition + Tal)
In 2003, 3 months after the attack, the first "Taharutal" took place: - a swimming competition in Sportan Haifa. Since then, every year to this day, during Sukkot  the competition is held.
A Palm tree was planted in her memory and called: "The Shade of Tal".
In 2014, the tree fell ill with the "Palm weevil" and an olive tree was planted in its place.

Solomon - an art student at the school where Tal studied, drew Tal

In 2013, the 10th anniversary of Tal's death, two 12th graders from the communications major in Iruni C produced a film about Tal.

Tal's parents in the film Remembrance - Tal's High School

"Tal's camel" -  on Moriah Street
At Sukkot 2008, with the help of Teltan College, a huge painting of Tal's camel was placed and anyone who wanted could paint.

"The Three Fathers"
Yossi Tzur, Ron Kehrmann and Yossi Mendelvitz. (Right to left)
Yossi and Yossi also lost their sons - Assaf Tzur and Yuval Mendelvitz in the terror attack together with Tal Kehrmann.
Circumstances brought them together and they became good friends.
Sarah Zlata immortalized them in this painting.

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