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Life Story


Tal was born on June 7th 1985 in The Carmel Hospital, Haifa. Tal was the first born child to Orly and Ron Kehrmann, as well as, Dror’s sister.
She was incredibly friendly. She had a lot of friends from different streams of life. She had sensitivity to others feelings. Her friends say that when she saw somebody hurt, she took special consideration in supporting and encouraging him. Because she was so friendly, she was the one who made a connection between individual friends and society. In her world of friends, there were a lot of new immigrants.
Tal was a very sensitive teenager and did everything she could to avoid hurting a weaker person’s feelings.

Her sensitivity towards mankind also applied to her interaction with animals. She loved animals, especially cats. At the age of three, she had a cat that she really loved. And at a later age, she fell in love with camels. Her room was filled with all kinds of stuffed animals. There were especially many kinds of camels. There was even a warning sign that said, Camel Crossing! She received it as a gift from a friend’s father who designed warning signs.

Tal loved to read Literature both in English and in Hebrew. The last book that she had not yet finished, was Lord of the rings in English. She knew English very well. Of all the books that she loved to read, she especially liked the stories of Etgar Keret. She met him in a Book Festival in June, 2002. Etgar autographed her book and wrote: “Dear Tal, Lots of books and lots of life…”

In addition to her appreciation of literature, she loved to watch the science and music channels. She knew all the words to numerous songs. If one picked any random song she surely knew all the words, both in English and in Hebrew.

Tal knew how to balance between the rebellious teenage behavior and the maturity that adults expected of her. On one hand she was a little girl- she loved dolls, and illustrated cartoon characters. On the other hand, she was very mature. One could see this in her behavior and conversations that she had with others. Her homeroom teacher said that she conducted a lesson about the end of the year events. She recommended as an end of the year project, to improve the external look of campus, a little garden with grass and water.

In 11th grade, a year before the explosion, a month after the Twin Towers Terrorist attack, Tal was sent to represent Ironi Hey School in a delegation to Boston from the city of Haifa. She was chosen, because of her outstanding ability to connect with others.

In preparation for the draft to the Israeli army, Tal went through a series of tests to volunteer her service in a combat unit. She was supposed to start her army service on December 16th 2003.

Tal was killed on March 5th, 2003 in the bus bomb explosion, number 37, on Moriah Blvd, Haifa. On that day, after school she met her friend to plan the end of the year events. They both went downtown to buy some things for this occasion. From downtown, they got a call from their friends to come up to the Carmel.

Tal and her friend, Liz Katzman, were killed on the bus up to the Carmel.
Tal died three months before her 18th birthday.

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